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Templar European Logistics

Delivery with Honour......

Welcome to Templar European Logistics

Templar European specialise in temperature controlled and hanging meat transport. We have a fleet of fully trackable trucks and trailers all less than a year old and have over 50 years experiance in delivering fresh and hanging meats all across Europe.

As you will see all the trucks are named after Knights so any ideas within  reason will be happily looked into ,we have a list and we will keep you informed as to the names of the new trucks as and when they are ready the first 10 are

Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Bobby Moore
Sir Douglas Bader

Dame Margaret Thatcher

Sir Michael Caine 

Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Poppy Rudham

303 Squadron

Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris

Lord Admiral Nelson

Our Trailers are also named and we have

Clementine  for Winston Churchill

Italien Job for Michael Caine

Laguna's Legacy for 303 Squadron

Trafalgar for Admiral Nelson

Icon Style for Dame Poppy Rudham 

White Cliffs for Vera Lynne (tbc)

Memorial flight  for Douglas Bader (tbc)

Dambusters for  Bomber Harris(tbc)

Have a great day and stay safe 😁

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