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Meet the Team

Proud and Professional


Sir Winston Churchill

In our opinion One of the greatest Prime Ministers ever

A great man with an even greater personality.

This famous knight was a real hero in war time Great Britain !!

Sir Bobby Moore

Remember 1966 ? We do ......Sir Bobby Moore lifted the World cup for England.

Now thats got to be worth a truck named after you !!!


Sir Douglas Bader

We love history at Templar European and why not ?

Sir Douglas Bader was a famous world war 2 fighter pilot who still flew in the battle of britain with no legs .....

Amazing !!

We salute you Douglas

Dame Margaret Thatcher

Maybe not everyones favorite PM

We named a truck after this great lady as no matter what you think of her political achievements she was Great Britains first lady PM and as hard as nails.

This Lady was not for turning !


Sir Michael Caine

Everyone loves a movie star !!

We love Sir Michael Caine as we believe Zulu and the Italien Job are iconic movies and to be honoured

We hope you agree

Dame Vera Lynn

What can we say about the late great Dame Vera Lynn.

An iconic lady whose wartime achievements are legendary.

Dame Vera a spitfire and the white cliffs of dover .....makes you proud !!!


Dame Poppy Rudham 

The only Templar truck that will not be named after a Knight of the Realm will be the late Poppy Rudham 
Poppy was to be Templar’s mascot but sadly she passed away before this could happen 
So we decided a truck was to be named after her , we give you Dame Poppy Rudham free Poppy xxx 

303 Squadron

As you know we at Templar love history and as a Anglo Polish company we are very proud of the history durring the second world war. Second to none was the heroics of the Free Polish airforce durring the battle of Britain, these brave men flew numerous sorties to protect us in our hour of need !! The picture on the truck is the actual pilots that flew the planes. Respect gents !!


Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris

Bomber Harris led the amazing crews of bomber command durring WW2 and yes some people say the methods used were wrong however it was war and these things happen. We salute you Sir Arthur

Lord Admiral Nelson

Lord Admiral Nelson led our naval forces at the Battle of Trafalgar were he died durring the battle on the 21st October 1805. Another hero that we need to remember

Meet the Team : Meet the Team

Sir Sean Connery

The late great Sir Sean Connery ,what can we say !!!

In our opinion still the best James Bond ever how can we not celerbrate his life by naming one of our new DAF XF after him .

Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Known as the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was prob the most famous Germon fighter ace of the 1st world war

A true gent he was known to scare a drink with pilots he had downed durring a dog fight

Born in 1892 Wroclaw Poland (although it was part of Germany at the time)  and he died in battle in April1918 a gent worthy on having a truck named after him


Sir David Jason

What can we say !!!! There are so many TV programs we could mention Open all hours Darling buds of May but prob our all time favorite comedy series of all time only fools and horses is this mans legacy

We hope you like it !! We will have a trailer designed to to make it complete

Cushdy !

Meet the Team : Team Members
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